The Rating System for Antique Vinyl works on a number system from 1-5
Sealed/Copy Mint +
We are proud to announce that more than 25% of the records you will find at Antique Vinyl are still sealed!
Near Mint/ Very Good ++
The majority of the used records at Antique Vinyl are in the 4 category. Covers in excellent or good condition, records with very little wear and no scratches.

Very Good++/Very Good+
In the 3 star category, the cover might have some
signs of wear and/or a minor ring on it. Records could
have some light scratches and/or be slightly worn.
Very Good+/Good
Antique Vinyl has less than 10% of its records in the 2 star category, but the cover would have a major ring and/or be very worn. Records would be visibly worn and/or have scratches on them.

It would be extremely rare to even see a record in the 1 star category. It would have a worn cover with a ring and the record would sound hollow, be very worn and have multiple scratches.